What is aXtion™?

aXtion means bridging the active life you love and the mobile tech you need. aXtion means experiencing the finest in rugged, water-resistant, waterproof protective cases, evolved for the 21st century. aXtion means taking your iPad Pro 12.9" | 11" | 10.5" | 9.7", iPad 9.7" 6th | 5th Generation, iPad Air 2 | Air, iPad mini 4 | 3 | 2 | 1, Surface Pro 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 anywhere you go with maximum freedom, ultimate protection, and increased productivity.

THE JOY FACTORY gets three levels of Axtion protection, we present them below :

aXtion Edge is a strong yet functional tablet case for general everyday use, it offers rugged protection while allowing full access to all tablet functions and direct contact with the native touchscreen glass.

The aXtion Bold range is a heavy-duty iPad ruggedized case for those who put their tablets into tougher conditions.

The aXtion Pro is our most rugged and industrial grade tablet protective case or cover in our aXtion case line.

Our protection cases aXtion Edge :

- Surface Pro 4/5/6 (ref CWM200)  

- iPad Air 3 ou iPad Pro 10.5 (ref CWM700)

- Surface Go (ref CWM400MP)

Specification Product

This streamlined case design features a grip able surface to help minimize accidental drops. It also features additional protection with reinforced corners to absorb any shock if the tablet is accidentally dropped. Functionality is not compromised with direct port accessibility, ambient light support and a built-in stylus holder designed to hold proprietary input devices. Additionally there is a unique SmartChill Technology featured for Surface Pro 6 | 5 | 4 cases. These heat-dissipating channels are worked into the design to increase airflow and reduce potential overheating.

Additional ports are built-in for optional accessories such as a Universal Shoulder Strap and a MagConnect adapter for a mount or Universal Hand Strap. Increase mobility potential, productivity and the safety of your tablet with these accessories.

The aXtion Edge product line is a popular choice for Small Business, Government and Exhibition due to its streamlined look compared to the more heavy-duty aXtion models, while still providing excellent protection and full tablet functionality.

Our protection cases aXtion Bold :

- iPad 9.7 5ème et 6ème Génération (ref CWA602) 

- iPad Air 3 ou iPad Pro 10.5 (ref CWA702)

- iPad Pro 11 (ref CWA722)

- iPad Pad Pro 12.9 3ème Génération (ref CWA412)

- iPad Mini 4 (ref CWE302) sans option MagConnect

- Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (ref CWS202)

- Galaxy Tab A 8 (ref CWS301)

- Surface Pro 5/6 (ref CWM302)

Specifications product

Each aXtion Bold iPad case is water-resistant and features a built-in heavy-duty screen protector and MIL-STD 810G certification, with reinforced corners to add protection to your iPad. All external ports have durable covers for enhanced protection and molded-in button covers to maintain complete functionality without having to remove the casing - even the Touch ID is fully compatible. A rear facing camera cover also protects the camera lens from scratches, dirt or damage while still capable of taking great photos.

There are three different model types in this line - the Bold M, the Bold MP, and the Bold MPS.

• The aXtion Bold M is the standard model and includes a MagConnect mounting adapter to allow quick release and secure connection to a wide variety of tablet MagConnect mounts. An optional Universal Hand Strap module can be purchased separately for increased versatility, productivity and to relieve fatigue.

• The aXtion Bold MP features the MagConnect mounting adapter and a built-in 360º rotation hand strap with a slide out kickstand that supports portrait and landscape, typing and viewing modes. A rotation lock secures the rotation module to be used when mounted.

• The aXtion Bold MPS is the premium flagship model of the Bold line. It boasts the same great features as the Bold MP, with the addition of a locking port for an optional tethered key lock, so you can safely secure the device in public spaces.

With its more robust iPad protection and potential for increased usage flexibility and security, the aXtion Bold line is ideal for those in the Healthcare, Hospitality, Education and Retail industries.

A Universal Shoulder Strap can be purchased separately for all aXtion Bold models.

Our protection cases aXtion Pro :

- iPad 9.7 5ème et 6ème Génération (ref CWA609) 

- Surface Pro 4/5/6 avec fonction Anti-Microbien (ref CWM308)

- Surface Pro 4/5/6 (ref CWM309)

- Surface Go (ref CWM409MP)

Specifications product

Completely IP68 waterproof and MIL-STD 810G certified, it is incredibly durable and resistant to damage from water, dust, oil, chemicals or mishandling - perfect for those industries such as Manufacturing, Transportation, Warehouse or Construction that really put their tablets to the test under more extreme indoor or outdoor conditions.

The tablet is armored in high-quality materials but still offers the Touch ID compatibility. The screen is covered in a heavy-duty film, and the rear camera is well protected by a Sharpvue™ lens cover. It also features an ambient light sensor opening to accommodate the iPad's sensor. Sound will be available with advanced sound channels built into the design of the tablet case. The aXtion Pro tablet cover maintains full access to the charging and headphone ports - you can even continue to charge your tablet without negating the waterproof feature. When security is an issue, you can tether your tablet with a Kensington lock using the built-in Kensington compatible lock port. An asset tag window on the back makes for easy identification and a VESA 100 compatible mouting option delivers optimum flexibility. There is also a MagConnect adapter that works with optional MagConnect mounts and Universal Hand Strap.

Whether you are in the warehouse, on a job site, manufacturing plant or on the road, the aXtion Pro waterproof case will protect your tablet from harm caused by moist or dusty environments, accidents, weather conditions or just rough usage.

A Universal Shoulder Strap or Hand Strap can be purchased separately.